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    Discover the truth about our origins!


    During his encounters with an extraterrestrial, Rael received a series of messages that cover all aspects of human life. Whether you have an interest in ancient history, modern science, UFOs, religious scriptures, or even sci-fi, the reality is that once you get acquainted with these messages, your perspective on life may never be the same.

    This video summarizes some of the main points conveyed to Rael.

    Out of the countless UFO sightings that occur each year, what if an eyewitness actually had a physical encounter with the occupant of one of these UFOs? What if this person was given information by the being from space about the true genesis of life on Earth and how extraordinary our future could be? And what if this has already happened? What if all this information was published in a book decades ago and is now endorsed by thousands of people worldwide, including prominent scientists and historians?

    Would you not be tempted to read such a book?

    This website offers the opportunity to find out about an extraordinary “Message” given by a peaceful civilization far more advanced than we are and their wish to diplomatically return to Earth.

    Raelians in action all over the world!