1 Minute meditation for peace

“If everyone on earth would meditate 1 minute for peace and love

we could change the world.”

~ Maitreya Raël

We can peacefully influence this planet by taking a minute and simply focusing on peace and love. Our brain is a powerful tool that can allow us to positively influence others around us.


“The human brain is like a huge transmitter, capable of sending out a multitude of waves and thoughts with extreme precision. In fact, telepathy is nothing more than that”

~ Maitreya Raël


By taking only one minute of our time to meditate for peace, we positively influence humanity.

Moreover, it is even more powerful to meditate in a group than doing it alone.  Recent studies have shown that when many people send out harmonious thoughts simultaneously and together during one day, a significant reduction in violent crimes in that city can be observed.  And this can even last for several days thereafter.

If you wish to contribute to transforming this world toward peace, use the most powerful tool at your disposal, your brain. Contact a Raelian in your region to see where and when you can participate in a “1 Minute for peace” action.

To amplify our “1 Minute Meditation for Peace” campaign and to concentrate the positive energy of our individual and collective meditations, we suggest meditating 1 minute for peace on the 59th minute of every hour.  At that precise moment,briefly stop everything you do and send peace and love energy to all of humanity. You can do this meditation by yourself or in a group.  At a time when humanity’s chances of survival are slim, there is still hope and we must do everything possible so that the light of peace shines more strongly.  We must do everything possible to amplify the light of peace on our planet, thereby spreading more and more of it by meditating on the 59th minute of every hour.  We invite you to start at the end of this very hour and spread this message!

Online Meditation – 1 Minute for Peace

Every Monday, at 8:55pm (Eastern Time – New York Time)

To enter the online meditation room click here 


To find out where and when, please see below.

June 2024

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