Stephen Hawking’s Final Warning: Superhumans With Altered DNA Will Conquer Earth

RAEL’S COMMENT: Calling human beings “homo sapiens” is the biggest illusion. Homo sapiens in Latin means “wise man” …. A short look at the state of the planet after centuries of depredation and destruction by Humans shows the total absence of wisdom … Homo stultus would be much more appropriate (stupid man).


One of the world’s most prominent physicists, the late Stephen Hawking, was the first scientist to set out a theory of cosmology based on a combination of the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics.

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Coral: Palau to ban sunscreen products to protect reefs

RAEL’S COMMENT: “Researchers believe that these ingredients are highly toxic to marine life”… and to humans !!! I almost never used sunscreen. We need a reasonable amount of natural sun exposure, on average 20 min a day which provide the necessary vitamin D.

Palau is set to become the first country to impose a widespread ban on sunscreen in an effort to protect its vulnerable coral reefs.

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This Soviet-era ghost town is being reclaimed by nature and it’s eerily beautiful

RAEL’S COMMENT: Natural order always win. If saving Humanity is a priority, there is no need to fight to “save the Earth”. The Earth is doing fine with or without humans.
Crumbling bricks, vines crawling up the walls and trees growing on roofs – see the silent beauty of an abandoned Soviet-era town nestled in the mountains of Abkhazia.

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Raelians to celebrate 45 years of scientific advances as announced by the scientists who created life on Earth

LAS VEGAS, October 30 – The 45th anniversary of the official encounter with our Creators will be held in Okinawa, Japan in December. “Three decades ago, scientists were launching the Genome Projects. Two decades ago, they learned how to ‘read’ the human genome, thanks to the Human Genome Project. And just two years ago, scientists officially announced [...]
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