UN docs show ‘allies knew of Holocaust years before’ finding concentration camps

RAEL’S COMMENT: And still the use of the word “holocaust” which is totally inappropriate as it means “a sacrifice offered to a god” which was absolutely not the case. The word Shoah is much more appropriate which means catastrophe and comes from Hebrew . שואה
So people can honestly say there was no holocaust without being accused of being revisionist as it was not at all voluntary sacrifice offered to a god. But a catastrophe , or shoah in Hebrew.
It is quite ironic that the survivors of this catastrophe did impose to Palestinian an exile which is called nakba, which in arabic means also…catastrophe النكبة

Tens of thousands of war crime files documenting early evidence of the Holocaust, which were smuggled out of eastern Germany at the height of World War II, are finally being made available to the public for the first time.

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‘Voice of America, Radio Liberty, CNN are tools for US to press Russia’ – State Duma MP

RAEL’S COMMENT: So funny: tit for tat for the accusations of US government of RT being a tool of propaganda in the US. Are we going to see the scrambling of these channels in both countries? We are lucky to have the internet to watch whatever we want…

Washington used CNN and Russian-language US outlets Voice of America and Radio Liberty in attempts to meddle into the 2016 Russian elections and the situation in the country in general, the head of a parliamentary lower chamber committee said, urging an investigation.

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Russia lifts Far East visa requirements for 18 countries to boost tourism & development

RAEL’S COMMENT: While US is increasing visa procedures and making it difficult for foreigners to enter, Russia is doing exactly the opposite. The contrast between a bankrupt desperate country isolating itself from the world and a healthy real democracy where the economy is booming.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on Monday, allowing citizens of 18 countries visa-free travel to the Russian Far East starting August 2017.

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Evidence Suggests Early Exposure to Antibiotics Might Lead to Long-Term Behavioural Changes

RAEL’S COMMENT: No doubt about it. That may explain why “modern” western countries have more anxieties and aggressive behaviors created by it than so called “primitive” countries. Natural order always win. That may put us in front of a difficult choice on a long term: saving lives at all costs by using antibiotics or new medicines even if in a long term it bring Humanity toward self destruction behaviors or accepting mortality of the weak in order to save humanity at large genetic heritage. Same thing about overpopulation: giving food to everybody increases overpopulation which deplete the earth of all resources and bring many animals and plants to extinction finally making it also almost impossible for Humanity to survive. A very difficult dilemma for people full of compassion who wish to save everybody.But the natural order one more time always win.

Researchers have found that giving low doses of a common antibiotic to pregnant mice and their babies results in long term behavioural changes.

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