‘Abuse & madness’: Russian priest suspended after disturbing child baptism VIDEO provokes outcry

RAEL’S COMMENT: Now imagine if the Raelians (or any religious minority) were doing that to babies (or forced circumcision), imagine the reaction in the medias and politicians making laws to stop dangerous “cults”, but as it is done by dominant large religions then nothing is done. That has to change! No religion should be imposed to babies or even children! I remind everybody that to become Raelian you must be at least 15 years old and pass a short examination proving that it s your choice and that it is not your parents forcing you, and that the Messages recommend teaching children all religions (including atheism) and letting them chose if they wish to embrace one when they reach the age of 15.

A Russian Orthodox priest sparked outrage on social media after a mother claimed he bruised and nearly drowned her toddler during an intense ‘exorcism-like’ baptism ceremony.

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Ireland needs to prepare for a border poll & plan for reunification; the alternative could be chaos

RAEL’S COMMENT: Of course all Ireland should be Irish only and the remains of colonialist England should go away.


With Boris Johnson laser-focused on delivering a crash-out, no-deal Brexit in October, Ireland needs to stop the foot-dragging and wishful thinking and begin preparing for a border poll and potential reunification.
This week, a report by a major UK business group called for the UK, Irish and EU leaders to hold emergency talks in Belfast in the event of a no-deal Brexit…

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Greta Thunberg speech: French MPs boycott teen ‘apocalypse guru’

RAEL’ S COMMENT: “dictatorship of perpetual emotion”, absolutely true! Only top scientists, climatologists and paleoclimatologists should address assemblies and not teenagers without any formation on the subjects.


Teen activist Greta Thunberg has lashed out at French lawmakers for mocking her in a speech to parliament that was boycotted by far-right politicians.

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