A new mega cartel is emerging in oil markets

RAEL’S COMMENT: They are the majority of Human population. The same way a really democratic United Nations Organization should have votes with each nation represented having a voice proportional to their population. To see in any decision the vote of Monaco having the same power as China is like a joke. How can a tiny principality have the same power in votes than a 1.5 billion people country ? China, India and other big countries should leave the UNO and create a new international organization with voices representative of their population. Of course the imperialist US like the actual system where they can force tiny nations to support their views in votes under the threat to lose financial aid.
Two of the world’s largest oil buyers are teaming up and looking to leverage their power by jointly sourcing crude at a better price.

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Global military expenditure at 3-decade high, biggest spender US sees first increase since 2010

RAEL’S COMMENT: So much money wasted for nothing which could have been used for peaceful science, medicine, etc… We are not living in democracies but in plutocracies where the financial interest of big corporations is more important than the future and well-being of Humanity. Only a world revolution with appropriation of all the wealth of these big corporations and the 0.001% owning it can change it. A world revolution “yellow vest style” is more than ever necessary.
The world has spent $1.8 trillion on its military in 2018. The US is leading the charge, while some of its NATO allies are also buffing their war budgets citing the Russian threat despite Moscow decreasing its military spending.

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This artist spent 10 years creating the tallest bird sculpture in the world (200ft)

RAEL’S COMMENT: A great symbol for the end of American imperialism!
Ask any traveler to name a few countries you should visit in your lifetime and most will have India somewhere on the top of the list.

The extraordinary cuisine, mind blowing history and sacred temples are rich with culture.

There is now another reason one should visit the magical country – a mind-blowing statue of an eagle, bringing an old myth back to life.

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America’s crippling debt: Every man, woman & child owes Uncle Sam $220,000

RAEL’S COMMENT: “Uncle Sam” ? No… but the Rotschild banks yes… What is needed is just a courageous government cancelling all debts and reappropriating Central Bank by a nationalization without any compensation being paid and even with financial penalties for the bankers.
The spiraling US government debt is apparently much higher than the official figure of $22 trillion. The indebtedness of the American financial system has now reached $72 trillion, according to the numbers compiled by the US Fed.

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Kim-Putin summit reaffirms onset of multipolar future

RAEL’S COMMENT: Denuclearization must be the goal… but ONLY if it applies to all and every nation, and that includes USA and other NATO countries. If not, it’s like a city where only the rich people would have the right to own a gun, while poor people would be denied this right…
The summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and President Vladimir Putin was significant on various levels and reaffirms the onset of a multipolar world.

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