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December, 2019

Holliston, MA -Dec 13 Celebration Raelian Holiday

fri13dec2:00 pmfri5:00 pmHolliston, MA -Dec 13 Celebration Raelian Holiday

Event Details

“Dance and sing on the earth, before it dances on you.” – Maitreya Rael

For those of us who have understood Rael’s Message, and those who are curious to know more, here is another opportunity to explore even more with pleasure and laughter….


On December 13th, we will be celebrating Maitreya Rael’s 1st encounter with our creators from space, the Elohim. On this day, those of us who support Rael’s mission of peace, love, tolerance, happiness and scientific advancement will commemorate this occasion with joyous events and festivities all over the planet.




For those who have discovered themselves and want to be part of the Raelian family, December 13 is also one of only four (4) special opportunities during the year to transmit cellular plans (see details below). By transmitting our cellular plan, we recognize the Elohim as our creators, and Maitreya Rael as our last Messenger. This ceremony actually clarifies the original meaning and intent of baptism in many ways, but without any mysticism whatsoever.

This gathering is open to everybody so please come even if you want to only know more about the Raelian philosophy. Our gathering will start at 2pm. The transmission of cellular plan is always at exact time: 3pm.Yes, come alone or bring your friends – this event is open to everybody!



Rob’s house in

Holliston, MA



Friday, Dec 13, 2019, 2-5PM



 Fraternization, meditation, transmission of the cellular plan, sharing food and laughter….


Awaiting your reply! Please email me at or call my phone number at (617) 967-6179 end_of_the_skype_highlighting. I am at your service =)


Peace and Fraternity,

Kasyo Perrier



Transmission of Cellular Plan:

The transmission of the cellular plan is a little bit like sending an email … or, even better, an email with an attached MP3 musical file. The comparison makes even more sense if we use wireless technology. We are made of billions of cells, and each one of them is like a little electrical generator, constantly generating electricity. Our cells also radiate waves with specific frequencies, and all frequencies correspond to a sound, audible or not. Some scientists know how to render audible the non-audible vibrations of the earth, the sun, the galaxies etc, each individuals cells vibrate at a unique frequency which is recorded during the baptism and transmitted to the Elohim.

The person, who recognizes the Elohim as our Creators, and Rael as Their Messenger, approaches Rael, or a designated Guide. Rael or the Guide puts his hands in the water in order to make an electrical connection without interference. A hand is placed on the forehead, and the other behind the neck of the person. The hands serve to capture what is transmitted and recorded during the baptism, the vibration of the cellular plan (the magneto-electric score). The vibration is immediately transferred to the Elohim,at 3pm on each of the four days of the year on which we gather to do these transmissions. The Elohim receive the Transmission and recognize you as Raelian.




12/13/2019 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT(GMT+00:00)


Holliston, MA

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