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august, 2021

Holliston MA - The Celebration of The Raelian New Year 76 A.H

fri06aug2:00 pmfri5:00 pmHolliston MA - The Celebration of The Raelian New Year 76 A.H

Event Details

Dear friends,

August 6 is the 
Raelian New Years Day. On this day, one of the worst crimes in humanity took place. On August 6, 1945, the US military dropped an atomic bomb over Hiroshima, Japan, killing more than 100,000 civilians.

Obviously, the Raelian Movement does not celebrate this act; however, this act was an indication for the Elohim that the time had come for them to “send“ their last Prophet and to reveal their final Message to humanity.

In other words, we had entered the age of the Apocalypse, as apocalypse originally means revelation. Since 1945, humanity is at the crossroads of using science and technology for either destruction or the benefit of humanity. If science would be used for the common good, we could soon all live in a real paradise here and now on our shared planet.

During this official Raelian holiday, you can become a Raelian by having your Cellular Plan Transmission (CPT) ceremony performed. This simple ceremony is performed free of charge by a Raelian Guide. The CPT is an act of recognizing the Elohim as our creators and Maitreya Rael as their last messenger. The CPT ceremony clarifies the original meaning and intent of baptism, but without any mysticism whatsoever.

Schedule of the day:


Friday August 6th.


2 – 5 pm. If you have decided to have your transmission of cellular code done please let me know prior to coming. It starts exactly at 3pm.


Meditation, philosophical discussion, fraternization,  sharing food and laughters:)

Location :

Rob’s house : 430 Adams street, Holliston MA, 01746

Evening :

We’ll go for diner together at 6 PM. To Acapulco’s, at 231 East Main Street, Milford, MA. 01757 *

*If you can’t make it to the afternoon celebration, join us at the restaurant.


Also, please visit our website:


We look forward to seeing those who live close and far away 🙂

Contact: kasyo : 617 967 6179 for more information

Peace, love and harmony,


(Friday) 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT


430 Adams street, Holliston MA, 01746


Kasyo Perrier Cell # 617-967-6179

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