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march, 2022

sun20marAll DayINTERNATIONAL DAY OF HAPPINESS Sunday March 20, 2022(All Day: sunday)

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The Raelian Movement supports the United NationsInternational Day of HAPPINESS celebration on March 20. The UN defines it as a day to be HAPPY, but we, Raelians, think that celebrating HAPPINESS only one day a year is not enough, it should be celebrated throughout the year and, better yet, throughout one’s lifetime. 

HAPPINESS is in our genetic code. We have been created to be HAPPY”.

“If we create a culture of “being“, it naturally creates peace and harmony, and this is what true HAPPINESS is because it comes from the inside” ~ Rael– spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement.  

In support of the International Day of HAPPINESS you may join Raelians and people around the world on Sunday March 20, 2022to celebrate HAPPINESS as part of a daily practice, in the following ways;

– by sharing a post, video, pictures, on social media of what happiness means to you 

– and/or by sharing simple actions you are taking daily in order to increase your level of happiness and inspire others around you 

– and/or by sharing this video about the importance of cultivating happiness, including a simple yet powerful practical exercise

“We need more voices to bring and normalize peace and harmony in the heart of every human being whose fundamental right is to be happy” ~ Rael ~ 



All Day (Sunday)