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august, 2019

Los Angeles area - The Celebration of The Raelian New Year 74 A.H

tue06aug2:30 pmtue8:00 pmLos Angeles area - The Celebration of The Raelian New Year 74 A.H

Event Details

Dear Friend,

(Heads-up: one meeting and one dinner on the same day Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 – Thomas , National Guide (or National Manager) will be with us ;), details below).

The August 6th will be the year 74 of the age of Revelation (or Age of Aquarius, or after Hiroshima) as defined by the Elohim, the extraterrestrials who created all life on earth. They decided to reveal to us our origin via Rael, their messenger, after we discovered and used the atomic energy in a destructive way. Through their message, they were hoping we could understand their message and act progressively toward worldwide peace, which is also a pre-requisite for them to accept to meet humanity.

The first meeting will be a relaxed group meeting with a short meditation and fun conversations that will be held on August 6th (Tuesday) in the afternoon in San Pedro (detail below). At this meeting and if they wish, the supporters of this message from space will also have a rare opportunity to officially recognize the Elohim as the Creators of humanity through the Transmission of their DNA. This procedure allows the Elohim to read our DNA and so formally register our acknowledgment of their creation. This is one of the important actions the Elohim suggest us to do during our life. The alternative dates that this procedure in done are October 7th, December 13th and the first Sunday of April.

The second meeting will be a dinner in the evening in Culver City (detail below).

If you wish to celebrate with us, just put these events in your calendar and we will be so happy to welcome you and a chance for you to talk to Thomas, the National Guide.






Date: August 6th (Tuesday)

Time: 2:30PM to 3:30PM sharp

Transmission of DNA: 3:00PM

General Location: Korean Friendship Bell, 3601 S Gaffey St, San Pedro, CA 90731 (free parking).

       Precise location (see map):



Date: August 6th (Tuesday)

      Time: 6:30 PM (sharp)

Location: TreeHouse Thai, 10200 Venice Blvd, Ste 207, Culver City, CA 90232


Contact for this event:  (224) 226-8058 / 424-201-9513








Marc Letourneau

(424) 201-9513 (

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