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december, 2018

Monroe, NY - Dec 13 Celebration Raelian Holiday

thu13dec1:30 pmthu5:30 pmMonroe, NY - Dec 13 Celebration Raelian Holiday

Event Details

Forty-five years ago, on December 13th, 1973, a wonderful adventure was revealed and is now celebrated as a Holiday.
An explanation for the creation of humanity: that we were made by extraterrestrial scientists, the Elohim, was revealed to Maitreya Rael. This was the date of his first encounter with Yahweh, president and representative of the Elohim, our Creators. Yahweh told Maitreya Rael that they scientifically made all life on earth including ‘man in their image’ thousands of years ago. That is the explanation for understanding this fantastic journey that we are living every day of our lives today, for those of us that have heard the messages and have chosen to believe them.
In this age of science, where we (our scientists) have been experimenting with DNA, allows us to understand how the first humans could have been created in a laboratory by alien expert scientific artists. Also, Maitreya was told that our creators now love us like their own children because they created us and hope to one day meet us at an Embassy that we will build to welcome them.
In order to commemorate, celebrate and remember this fantastic day, we invite you to join us on Thursday December 13th. It will be a celebration where people who have read the Messages received by Maitreya Rael from the Elohim and believe them can then do their cellular plan transmission (CPT).
The CPT is an official act where you recognize the Elohim as our Creators.
This celebration will start at 1:30 PM and end at 5:30 pm. It is open to everyone 🙂
Location:  Monroe, NY (45 min. From NYC)
If you are also planning to come please contact me for more information.
And if you want to do your transmission, please let us know by emailing as well.
We look forward to meeting, eating and celebrating together!!!
Kasyo Perrier,


(Thursday) 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm EST


Monroe, NY (45 min. From NYC)


Kasyo Perrier Cell # 617-967-6179

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