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October, 2016

Raelian Celebration in Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota,

fri07oct2:00 pmfri4:00 pmRaelian Celebration in Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota,

Event Details

Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Oct. 7 Invitation

Are you interested in joining us this October 7th for our celebration and/or to officially join the Raelian Movement? If so please let me know, and I will send you the exact location.

October 7th is a celebration in remembrance of Maitreya Rael’s second encounter with the Elohim, our creators. This is when he went to their planet and received the second part of the Message.

There will be celebrations all over the world…we invite you to join us! This will be a great opportunity to learn about the Raelian philosophy and meet Raelians.

Also this is the time for the cellular transmission for those who want to and by doing this we recognize the Elohim as our creators, a demystified baptism done once in our lifetime, and thus officially become Raelian.

The transmission of your Cellular Plan is a simple ceremony in which you (the new Raelian) officially recognize the Elohim as your Creators and Maitreya Rael as their Messenger. This ceremony takes place four times a year (see above) at 3:00pm local time and is conducted by a Guide, a Bishop Guide, or by Maitreya Rael himself. This ceremony actually clarifies the original meaning and intent of baptism in many ways, but without any mysticism whatsoever

There is an opportunity 4 times a year to participate and celebrate in the Raelian baptism, the Transmission of the Cellular Plan (TCP). These days occur on:

August 6th
October 7th
December 13th
First Sunday of April

Again, if you are interested in attending this event, please let me know by emailing me Amour <

Amour Drah

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