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August, 2020

North Miami Beach, FL- The Celebration of The Raelian New Year 75 A.H

thu06aug2:00 pmthu5:00 pmNorth Miami Beach, FL- The Celebration of The Raelian New Year 75 A.H

Event Details

The Raelian team of Florida are hosting a gathering for the celebration of our New Year which falls every year on August 6th. Come and celebrate with us one more year!


This is also an opportunity to do your Transmission of the Celular Plan(TCP). Here is a brief explanation of what this celebration is all about.


The Transmission of your Cellular Plan is a simple ceremony in which you (the new Raelian) officially recognize the Elohim as your Creators and Maitreya Rael as Their Messenger. This ceremony takes place four times a year, and this is one of them; it is done at 3:00pm local time and is conducted by an initiated Guide or by Maitreya Rael himself. This ceremony actually clarifies the original meaning and intent of baptism in many ways, but without any mysticism. 

August 6th is the Raelian New Year. This new calendar started on August 6th 1945 when the first atomic bomb exploded over Hiroshima. Of course, we do not celebrate the horrible event that killed so many people, but we mark it as a decisive moment – a turning point in humanity’s history. On this day, by demonstrating our technological ability to destroy our own planet, we also confirmed that we had entered into the Age of Apocalypse, the age of Revelation in which we would finally be able to understand our true origins as explained in the Messages of the Elohim. In this age, humanity must choose its own future, and Raelians will lead the way with peace, love, and consciousness. So, in August 6th 2020 we enter the year  75 of the Age of Apocalypse, written as year 75 AH (after Hiroshima).


Schedule of the day:

Date: Thursday August 6th.

Time: 2 – 5 pm. If you have decided to have your transmission of cellular code done please let me know prior to coming. It starts exactly at 3pm after the meditation.

Location: 810 NE 199 St. C-203 North Miami Beach, FL 33179. For directions please call Jesus at 305-772-4107.

EveningWe’ll choose a place and go for diner together at 6 PM.


Also, please visit our new website:


We look forward to seeing those who live close and far away. Lets play, laugh and celebrate.


Jesus Rojas

Responsible for the South Eastern region of the U.S.A.




08/06/2020 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT(GMT+00:00)

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