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may, 2022

Paradism Day International Online Free Convention Sunday May 1st

sun01may2:00 pmsun3:00 pmParadism Day International Online Free Convention Sunday May 1st

Event Details

The paradists of all continents will hold their first International Convention on Sunday May 1st – Paradism Day – to answer the question “what will be the future society?”

The purpose of this convention is to raise public awareness of the advent of a new model of society, “Paradism”.

As governments around the world grapple with capitalism’s long-predicted fatal systemic crisis, our elites are planning its rebirth in what they call the Great Reset.

There will be no “Great Reset”. Instead, there will be a GREAT RIDDANCE.
The riddance of a system that has reached its expiry date, the end of its usefulness, if it ever was.

Ironically, if capitalism was born thanks to the arrival of machines which triggered the industrial revolution, it is also machines that lead it to its end.

Smart machines – AI’s and robots – are on the verge of surpassing humans in any given task, and are collapsing the capitalist system where human labor ensures both the production and distribution of goods and services.

When people lose their jobs, they also lose their source of income and purchasing power. People no longer have the means to buy the production and ensure the profitability of businesses.

It is desirable and it makes sense to free people from having to work for a living, but if people stop working, the system goes bankrupt. This is the conundrum we face and a reset is not going to solve it.

What we are experiencing is a systemic revolution comparable to the agricultural and industrial revolutions. Systemic revolutions are caused by a change in our mode of production, and they affect all areas of society – economical, social, political, cultural and even spiritual. They transition us to a new level of civilisation.

The new society that is coming will be a leisure society without work or money, where human beings will only do what they enjoy doing, play, create, meditate, blossom.

This society is what we would call a paradise and the system of society of this technological paradise has been named “Paradism”. The proper name for the ongoing planetary revolution would be the “paradisaical revolution”.

The international convention on Paradism will address the many issues of transitioning to a paradise without work or money. It will take place over an entire day and will be translated into many different languages including English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and more.

It is a free online event designed to be accessible to the general public and welcomes anyone who wants to understand the world they live in or wants to make the world a paradise for themselves and future generations.


To participate in the convention and access the zoom room:


(Sunday) 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT

Virtual Event Details

Event has already taken place!