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august, 2017

Raelian New year in Las Vegas August 6th

sun06aug2:30 pmsun4:00 pmRaelian New year in Las Vegas August 6th

Event Details

Dear Friends

Sunday August 6, 2017 (Year 72 after Hiroshima), you are cordially invited to a double celebration!!!

Here are 2 reasons why August 6 is one of the most festive dates of the year for Raelians.

First, August 6 is the first day of the New Raelian Year. In this case, we are commemorating year 72 (after Hiroshima). The Raelian Movement proposes August 6, 1945 as the new starting date for a worldwide calendar with no religious connection. (Why should the Christian/Western calendar be used worldwide when Christians represent less than 20 % of the world’s population?)

Our Raelian New Year’s Day, August 6, which marks the date the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, was chosen to remind us that this must never happen again. But this date also marks the time when humanity truly entered the era of science. Atomic power, with all its possibilities, can bring hope if it is only used for the good of humanity!

Second, it’s one of the 4 official days on which you can publicly recognize the Elohim as your creator by Transmitting your Cellular Plan to them. (This is done via a demystified baptism ceremony in which your DNA vibration is transmitted directly to the Elohim supercomputer, which immediately acknowledges you.)

Dear friends, WELCOME to celebrate the hope of peace and love for the coming New Year.

Location & Time:
Gardens Park
(The Meeting will take place on the South East of the Park)
10401 Garden Park Dr
Las Vegas 89135
From 2:30 PM to 4 PM

Happy New Raelian Year 72

(702) 370-9804