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October, 2020

San Francisco, CA - Oct 7 75 A.h Celebration Raelian Holiday

wed07oct2:00 pmwed4:00 pmSan Francisco, CA - Oct 7 75 A.h Celebration Raelian Holiday

Event Details

Dear Friends, 

The Raelians of the Bay Area are pleased to invite you to join us on October 7 for an afternoon of spiritual and human connection. Most importantly, Raelians around the world will joyfully celebrate the 45TH ANNIVERSARY of the SECOND ENCOUNTER between MAITREYA RAEL and an ELOHA, YAHWEH, one of the ELOHIM, Creators of all life form on Earth … a true milestone in the History of the Raelian Movement.

It was on October 7, 1975, that Maitreya Rael was taken to Their Planet as described in the book “Intelligent Design ~ Message from the Designers” in which He describes witnessing technological marvels and exceptional encounters with ancient Prophets whom themselves once lived on this Planet. 

As with every major Raelian Celebrations, it is an opportunity to honor our Creators, and Their Messenger, Maitreya Rael by expressing our Happiness, Love and Laughter, a state of being which we were designed to experience daily. 

It is also a special day during which one may consciously decide to officially recognize the Elohim as their Creators through theTransmission of their Cellular Plan (TCP). The TCP is a demystified version of what other religions call baptism, it is a simple ceremony yet it symbolizes tremendous spiritual meaning.
This act can only be done during one of four dates throughout the year, October 7th being one of them. The following ones will be December 13, 2020, the First Sunday of April and August 6, 2021.

Come and celebrate with us, whether you wish to get your TCP, or just want to know more about the Raelian philosophy, it will be a pleasure to spend an afternoon all together. 

Date: Wednesday October 7, 2020

Time: 2pm-4pm

Location: San Rafael, Marin County, in a serene park. More details given upon rsvp at

~ With Gratitude, Love and Peace ~

 Florence, SF Raelian Guide


10/07/2020 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm PDT(GMT+00:00)



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