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June, 2019

Santa Monica, CA - “Swastika Rehabilitation Day,” June 29 from  11:00am - 1pm

sat29jun11:00 pmsat1:00 pmSanta Monica, CA - “Swastika Rehabilitation Day,” June 29 from  11:00am - 1pm

Event Details

Dear Friends

Raelians will hold worldwide events on “Swastika Rehabilitation Day,” June 29, 2019 to inform people about the ancient, peaceful meaning of the swastika. Link to the meaning of the word SWASTIKA.


“It’s a symbol cherished not only by Raelians, for whom it represents infinity in time, but by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains,” that been said. “Banning this religious symbol is like banning a religion. It affronts both the members of that religion and a supposedly free society in general.”

You are cordially invited to join the cause this coming Saturday June 29 from 11 AM-1:00 PM

Location: Santa Monica Street (Promonade), California

We will simply stand silently with our poster in hands, our big friendly smile and the glow of our inner peace for more tolerance, acceptation and LOVE.

Good Luck and Well-Being Dear Friends




06/29/2019 11:00 pm - 1:00 pm PST(GMT+00:00)


Santa Monica Street (Promonade), CA

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