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August, 2020

Scituate, MA  - August 6th, The Celebration of The Raelian New Year 75 A.H

thu06aug2:00 pmthu5:00 pmScituate, MA  - August 6th, The Celebration of The Raelian New Year 75 A.H

Event Details

Dear All 😊

The explosion of the atomic bomb over Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945, signified that humans on Earth had entered an unparalleled age of nuclear technology.

This date represents a highly significant event in the history of mankind and one that heralded the beginning of a new age of scientific progress and development.

This is the day when our humanity entered The Age of Apocalypse, a word that comes from the Greek ‘apokálupsis’ and means revelation.

For Raelians, August 6th also represents the start of a new calendar year and this year we commemorate the start of the 75th year after Hiroshima (a. H.) with world-wide events and celebrations.


August 6th is also one of the four designated holidays set aside each year specifically for those who would like to become Raelian through the transmission of their cellular plan.

This Raelian “baptism” is for the purpose of recognizing the Elohim as our creators. 


This ceremony takes place at exactly at 3 PM (local time) and is open to anyone who shares our basic philosophical principles and overall mission to make our planet a better for all of its inhabitants.

When:     Thursday, August 6TH

Where:    Scituate, MA

Time:      2 to 5 PM


Meditation, laughter, and swimming in the ocean 😊


What to bring : bathing suit, towel and your smiling faces.


Contact: Kasyo 617 967 6179

If you are taking the public transportations, I can pick you up at the train/bus station in Boston

Peace and Love,

Kasyo Perrier,

Please meditate at least One Minute each day for Peace and Love on Earth




08/06/2020 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm edt(GMT+00:00)