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Published on Apr 3, 2017

The 1st Sunday of April is the most important of all the 4 Raelian Celebrations throughout the year. It’s purpose is to commemorate the creation of the first human in laboratory by our creators the Elohim.

But, on this day of April 2nd 2017 (71aH), Maitreya Rael mostly talked about the survival of Humanity. That same week came the news that there will be a vote for disarmament in July 2017. He talks about the fact that while a majority of countries registered to vote to take out completely and stop nuclear weapons, the few countries that remains against it are, of course’ the super power countries in place.

While this is not really a surprise, in the list of the countries against we can find Japan. Maitreya invites all Japanese Raelians to write to their government and more than that he invite all Raelians of the world to meditate, take actions, so that we can achieve Peace on Earth because in the end: it is Our Mission to Save Everybody !