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Meditation has been practiced for millennia.  In fact, the word ‘meditate’ comes from the Latin word ” meditari ” which means « to exercise ».

In the past few years, scientific research on the benefits of meditation has increased considerably and has confirmed the positive effects on our entire being. Meditation allows one to become more calm and focused, and also allows us to increase our learning and listening abilities, our control over our emotions, and our fears and anxieties. It allows us to better manage stress and gives our brain the ability to be more balanced and aware.

The Elohim have taught Rael a meditation technique that allows the development of one’s sensuality, in other words to feel connected to the infinity, to feel infinite oneself. This technique is called, “sensual meditation” and teaches how to awaken the mind by awakening the body through an increased awareness of our senses.  It also teaches how to fully use our brain to harmonize oneself.


It does not take years of studies to truly be in a state of meditation.  It’s instant.  What requires years of training is to remain in this state of oneness.

-Maitreya, Rael


Studies have also shown that the benefits from meditation increase with practice and become even more powerful when done in a group.

Online meditations are therefore an ideal time to practice meditation as it allows one to be in a group while in the comfort of one’s home. It’s an opportunity to feel connected to our fellow human beings because thanks to the internet, people from around the world can meditate together, at the same time!

Online meditations are also an opportunity to harmonize with infinity and grow our consciousness among special guests who share their thoughts on exciting topics.


When we meditate, we allow the planet to heal.

– Maitreya, Rael


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january 2019

wed02jan8:00 pmwed9:00 pmRaelian Planetary Online Meditation , Wednesday, January 2nd, 73 a. H.8:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST,89378766