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We Raelians are very lucky to have a philosophy which remove completely the poison of irrational fears about science progresses and all new technologies. Science is our religion. It’s becoming fashionable to be anti-science and anti-progress. From anti-vaccines to anti-5G and much much more. Let’s check the most important one by one:

Global warming: Thousands of scientists say there is no such thing as global warming and that there may well be a global cooling with no connection to human activities.

Mass extinction of animal species: This is well possible due to Human overpopulation but thanks to the progresses of biology and genetic engineering not only will we be able to recreate extinct species, but we will also be able to create new ones. And they will even be able to clean pollution. Some new bacteria can eat plastic or destroy radioactivity.

Depopulation: Mass depopulation is possible through wars, disease and pollution. And it’s good. If 90% of the world human population is destroyed, even if it’s sad for those dying or suffering, it would be a very positive thing for the Earth environment. This planet with less than 1 billion human beings would become the paradise it cannot be with overpopulation. 

Radioactivity from catastrophes or nuclear wars: One of my favorite cities in Japan is Hiroshima. You can enjoy relaxing in a park right were the atomic bomb exploded. Because time cleans everything. Same in Chernobyl and Fukushima: the wild animals are reproducing so fast in these areas that the authorities are forced to ask hunters to kill them as they destroy the harvest everywhere. Look simply at the photos of these cities now… 

And the list can go on. Thanks to science and the imminence of singularity we will be able to create, through nanotechnology ,all the food and energy we need and even without agriculture farming or exploiting wild life. Being Raelian is being optimistic, by rationality, and enthusiastic about science and the future!


News of anti-vaxxer movements, demands to teach creationism in schools as science, and dubious claims for the health-giving properties of strange diets is enough to make you wonder if some people have forgotten or forsaken the scientific method entirely.