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LAS VEGAS, March 30 — “I have decided to award the title of ‘Honorary Guide of Humanity’ to Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela,” declared Rael, Spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, on Saturday March 28.

President Maduro is the 94th Honorary Guide nominated by Rael since 1991. The list of Honorary Guides already counts 3 Presidents or ex-Presidents of countries of the South American continent: President Morales, President Chavez and President Correa.

“President Maduro, like Presidents Morales, Chavez and Correa, has had at heart to fight the effect of colonization in their societies and tried to limit powerful external interferences in the management of their countries,” explained David Uzal, Raelian Guide, leader of the Raelian Movement in South America.

In an address made in 2013, Rael encouraged the alliance of ex-colonies to lead a peaceful decolonization. “I totally support de-Americanization,” said Rael. “A movement of the ex-victims of Euro-American colonialism and imperialism should be created. An alliance of all past victims regrouping China, India and Russia with all Arabic, African and Latin-American countries would be impossible to attack by the Euro-American imperialists masquerading behind NATO. (As they usually do when any country dares to question their domination.) It’s time for the descendants of the colonialists, en-slaver criminals, to really pay for their past crimes,” he added.

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