Raelian Celebrations & Ceremonies

Each year, the Raelian Movement celebrates four important dates that represent Raelian Holidays:

  • Dec 13th: Maitreya Rael’s first encounter with an extraterrestrial human being named Yahweh, who revealed to him the truth about our origins.
  • Oct 7th: Maitreya Rael’s second encounter with Yahweh where he was taken to the planet of our creators, the Elohim.
  • First Sunday of April: Commemorates the scientific creation of the first human being in a laboratory by our creators, the Elohim.
  • Aug 6th: Day of the explosion of the first atomic bomb over Hiroshima. This is the day when our humanity entered The Age of Apocalypse, a word that comes from the Greek‘apokálupsis’ and means revelation. August 6th is also the day when Raelians all around the world celebrate the New Year.  It is therefore the Raelian New Year holiday.

In USA, as is the case everywhere else in the world, Raelians gather on these specific dates to proceed with a ceremony that we call, “Transmission of the Cellular Plan” (TCP) or Demystified Baptism. Any individual who has read Intelligent Design has an opportunity on anyone of these four dates to take part in this ceremony and officially recognize the Elohim as the creators of humanity by having their baptism performed.

As opposed to the catholic baptism, which is mainly performed on babies, the Raelian baptism can only be performed on individuals who can make that decision for themselves. These celebrations, or holidays, are also an opportunity for friends and newcomers to meditate together and have fun.

Each holiday celebration has a unique flavor and they all vary from one another.  As for the TCP, because it is a special ceremony, it’s always performed at 3pm sharp.

We invite you to contact us if you have more questions regarding these celebrations.

Raelian Baptism or Transmission of the Cellular Plan


“It is asked of all those who recognize Maitreya Rael as the Messenger of our Creators, the Elohim, and the Last of the Prophets, to have their cellular plan transmission done by Him or by a Guide initiated by Him, so that the genetic code of each Raelian is preserved to allow a possible recreation on the planet of the Eternals…” (1)

The Raelian baptism has nothing mystical. In fact, thanks to quantum physics, it is demystified by science today in a way that allows us to understand. We now know that each human being has a unique genetic or cellular plan that vibrates at a distinct frequency due to its unique electro-magnetic spectrum.

“A Guide, whose own frequency has been recorded by the Elohim’s computer during his or her initiation, can act as a relay between the new Raelian and the computer located in the Elohim’s spaceship as it hovers high above the earth at 3pm.  This computer records the actions and thoughts of every human being on earth.  During the procedure, water is used for good conductivity between the new Raelian’s forehead and the Guide’s hand.” (2)


(1) Intelligent Design – page 236
(2) Intelligent Design – page 334



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