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LAS VEGAS, March 18 – On every continent, Raelians will contribute to the March 20 “International Day of Happiness” celebrations, offering online happiness academy trainings and thus furthering the “Happy Together” theme proposed by the United Nations.

Rael—founder and spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement—has toured the world for more than 45 years to bring his teachings of happiness that are central to the Raelian philosophy.

Rael explains that Happiness is not only a priority but a decision, a discipline, and a habit that is to be nurtured every second.

“The decision to be happy is the decision to monitor every thought one has, it is a discipline.”

“In this unsettling time, where fear dominates the world’s collective emotions, the discipline of happiness is needed more than ever,“ declared Kotaro Murakawa, Raelian Guide and leader of the “Happiness Day” celebrations.

“Real happiness always comes from deep kindness,” Rael said.

“By opposing awareness and deep kindness to global fear daily, Raelians are committed to increasing the world’s net happiness,” explained Murakawa. “And they will do so together to a greater extent on March 20 with all those who choose happiness,” he concluded.



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