The U.S. Raelian Movement invites you to experience

     its annual Happiness Academy – West…

     Like you have never experienced it before!

       Come explore something most revealing about yourself how to BE your extraordinary self.

  •      How can you choose and enjoy your emotions, while not having them lead your life?
  •      What is science discovering about happy people and human consciousness?
  •      How can you cultivate your harmony and health through simple meditation techniques?
  •      What do pleasure and sensuality do for your body and mind?
  •       Best of all, how can you find your happiness and keep it forever?

“Happiness is not about having, but being. At the Happiness Academy, where nonconformist teachings are offered, you will learn how to be the best version of yourself.” – RAEL










On Dec. 13, 1973, Rael had a physical encounter with an extraterrestrial human being coming from a civilization referred to as Elohim – the original Hebrew word for “God,” which does not mean “God,” but “Those who came from the sky.” The Elohim explained to Rael that they came to Earth 25,000 years ago at a time when there was no life, built huge laboratories and, thanks to their highly advanced scientific knowledge, scientifically created all life on Earth using DNA and genetic engineering including humans whom they created “in their image,” as written in the bible.

Throughout the Ages, the Elohim maintained contact with all the great Prophets of Old, who started the major religions, to guide humanity along the path of knowledge, wisdom, and peace. In 1945, we entered the Age of Apocalypse, which means “Revelation” and the Elohim contacted their last Prophet, Rael, to whom they gave a Message destined to the whole world and explaining how they created all life.

They also asked him to build an Embassy in Jerusalem where they will come officially with all the Prophets of Old, as announced by all religions.




Brigitte Boisselier  (Two Ph.D. Degrees in Chemistry) 

Brigitte is a renowned scientist, with expertise in human cloning and stem cell technology. She has also traveled the world, following Maitreya Rael on every continent and assisting him in his public conferences and teachings for the past 15 years. Her passion is to link the latest scientific discoveries with ancient knowledge to illustrate the logical simplicity of happiness and bring alive the teachings of those who created us. She states, “We have been programmed to be happy and Maitreya Rael is giving us all the keys to activate this program and keep it running flawlessly. There isn’t a higher pleasure for me than seeing the smiles of those who let this simple Happiness program run.”


Lara Helena Terstenjak (Certified Yoga Instructor)

Lara is a Professional Actor, Dancer and versatile Stage Performer for two decades, a Certified Yoga instructor, Reiki and Holistic Massage Practitioner, Public Speaker, activist and mentor, with a view that her most valuable education has been from life itself. Art and Spirituality have been at the center of her world most of her life. As a Raelian Spiritual Guide for 19 years she has taught Sensual Meditation and extraordinary self-development workshops of all kinds internationally through the Raelian Movement. She has shown absolute dedication to the support of elevating human beings to higher consciousness and love. Lara is also active in the empowerment of women and equal rights through numerous workshops and actions in the LA area and beyond, while continuing to be inspired to grow to new levels spiritually, personally and professionally, Lara dedicates her life to healing and creative expressions channeled through all the avenues she works, plays and lives.


Jean Gary (Meditation Master)

Jean is a Happiness facilitator, “love and life” teacher, Spiritual Mentor and contributor to the elevation of human beings through all he has dedicated his life to. He is a true example of warm, loving, kindness. Jean’s harmony surpasses most and as the first person to arrive at the doorsteps of Maitreya Rael in 1975 wishing to help spread the message of our creators, he is the longest active Raelian Spiritual Guide on the planet. He has been a culinary chef professionally and traveled the world with his enthusiasm for the pleasure of the senses, spirituality and the vast discoveries of the infinite. Jean is now retired, but continues to fill rooms with his consciously loving vibration and wisdom, which only get richer as time goes by.


Gbedia Hortense Dodo (Ph.D. in Molecular Biology)

Gbedia was a professor of Food Biotechnology and Molecular Biology for over 18 years. She is also an Inventor, a Scientific Entrepreneur, a Fulbright Scholar and a biotech advisor to many international organizations in the US, in Africa and in Europe. As a Raelian Spiritual Guide, Gbedia enjoys bringing spirituality to science, speaking on the power of the brain and sharing similarities between the Raelian teachings and many of the African value systems. She plays with and blends femininity and feminine leadership. Gbedia continues to travel the world teaching the latest scientific discoveries and promoting the conscious use of biotechnology to improve human life. Gbedia is a mentor to many of the youth in Kama (Africa). She states, “Maitreya Rael once said: ‘To save Humanity you must first save Africa’.” Thus, Gbedia has dedicated her life to saving Africa so that our whole humanity is saved.


Mehran Sam (Ph.D. in Molecular Biology)

Mehran has multiple publications in molecular biology and cancer drug discovery. His letters and contacts with the scientific community has shaped his outlook on how best to present the Raelian philosophy to scientists in all fields of study. His humor and teachings at Raelian Happiness Academies bring a special light to his workshops and he describes those moments on stage talking about science or teachings on happiness as among his most memorable experiences. With a dedication to spiritual awakening and sensual awakening of body and mind, as a spiritual guide Mehran has brought Maitreya Rael’s teachings to participants at annual International Happiness Academies for more than a decade. Mehran believes pleasure and happiness are at the foundation of a healthy and long life. He makes himself available with a big smile and great joy talking to anyone who approaches him.


Felix Clairvoyant (Ph.D. in Human Sexuality)

Felix Clairvoyant has been a member of the International Raelian Movement for the past 25 years. He has been a public speaker, activist, meditation practitioner and teacher ever since he joined the spiritual group. He is a former molecular biologist with a passion for science and technology and is a strong advocate for the popularization, public understanding, and demystification of science. He is also a private Math tutor and, for the past 18 years, has worked as a certified massage therapist and personal trainer. Three years ago, he completed a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality and is currently working on his first book, “The Suppression of Sexuality by Medieval Religions.” Felix is also a spiritual guide, yoga & Tai Chi practitioner, loves to swim, play chess, and his greatest joy is to spread kindness, peace, and unconditional love.
The Joshua Tree Retreat Center


This astonishing location is a true oasis of reflection, oneness, and peacefulness in the desert. You will awaken to stunning sunrises over the mountain ranges and fall asleep soundly after gazing the stars above and being in awe of the constellations, of the universe. Simply breathtaking!

The center itself is very spacious and quiet and the pool area is absolutely beautiful!

The coordination team looks forward to welcoming you to this sanctuary. 


How to get there


Happiness Academy Registration: 

Housing & Food:

*Since there is a limited number of single and double occupancy rooms, “first come – first serve” will apply.

Note: Breakfast won’t be served, but a snack bar will be available with water, fruit bars, etc…

1. I am looking for one or more roommates. Can you help me?

Yes. If you are looking for a roommate, please write to:

2. I am flying into LAX. How do I get to the Retreat?

Transportation will be available for those flying into Palm Springs Airport. Please arrange so that your final destination is Palm Springs airport (PSP) and send your flight information to: A $20 charge will cover round trip transportation from the airport to the Center and back. Important Note: If you decide to fly into LAX you will have to look into a shuttle service that will take you to the Joshua Tree Retreat Center.

3. I want to drive directly to the Retreat. What is the address?

The address for those wishing to drive is: 59700 Twentynine Palms Highway, Joshua Tree, CA 92252.

4. I don't have a credit card. Is there another way to reserve accommodation?

Yes! Cash upon arrival at the Retreat Center. No rebate is available.

5. Are pets allowed?

No! Pets are not allowed at the Retreat Center.

6. Is camping equipment provided?

No! Camping equipment is your own responsibility. If you wish to camp, please bring with you all the necessary equipment needed to enjoy a pleasant stay.

7. Can I bring an RV or camp in my car?


8. Can I take part in the Wellness Services provided by Joshua Tree?

Absolutely! The Joshua Tree Center offers several different kinds of wellness services, such as massage and reflexology. Your are welcome to participate in as many of these activities as you like during the downtime of the seminars, but we strongly encourage you not to miss out on our teachings for the sake of a massage. Should you wish to enjoy this feature, you need to book and reserve directly with the Retreat reception. Please note that these services are an additional cost and are the responsibility of the individual. Further information can be found at

9. Will there be Internet access?

Yes! There will be free WiFi Internet access in every room.

10. Are there places to eat or buy snacks near the Retreat Center?

Yes! Note that we have worked with a catering company to have lunch and dinner meals including in the price packages. No breakfast will be served. There is an organic grocery store and herbal shop right next to the Natural Sisters Café: where you can buy snacks. It’s a 1hr walk or a 3min drive from the Joshua Tree Retreat Center.

11. What is the weather going to be like?

The weather will be very hot and dry. Here is a link to get a good idea of the weather in June at Joshua Tree: http://weather

12. Can I register directly with the Center?

No! Registration for the Happiness Academy event can only be done via our website:

13. What if I decide to stay at a motel outside of the Center?

If you do not plan on spending the nights at the Center, there is a $10/day charge to have access to the Center.

14. Can I eat and have alcohol in my room?

You can eat in your room, but the use of drugs and alcohol is forbidden on the premises during the Happiness Academy event.

15. What time will the rooms be available?

All rooms will be available starting at noon on Saturday June 6th. Check out time will be 1 PM on Sunday June 14th.

16. What is the next step after sending the reservation form?

A confirmation email will be sent to you. Please print it and bring it with you to the Happiness Academy.

17. What should I bring?

Comfortable and loose clothing, sun screen and a sun hat, your swim suit/trunks, a yoga mat (or blanket/beach towel to lie on during outside meditations), and a refillable water bottle (free filtered water is provided at the Center).

18. Is nudity optional?


19. Are there things to do during the lunch break?

Please visit: for an exhaustive list of things to do during the lunch break.

If you have other questions


We will be happy to help you!

Looking forward to welcoming you to this extraordinary event! See you soon!

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