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LAS VEGAS, July 9 – For World Population Day, July 11, the International Raelian Movement is urging the United Nations to declare a global state of emergency on the devastating surge in human population that is endangering all life on earth.

“Absolute birth control is needed,” said Rael, spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement, in a recent statement. “If people do not enforce it, nature and the natural order will find a way to decimate this invasive species called humanity.”

According to UNICEF, humans have been multiplying at the alarming rate of one billion additional people every 15 years. The world’s population is expected to reach 8 billion by 2023. Moreover, since 1970, human proliferation has not only effectively wiped out 60 percent of all animal species but has also rendered the environment nearly uninhabitable.*

“Humanity should be reduced by 50 percent, which still would be more than 3.5 billion human beings, and then maintained at that level,” Rael added. “Then all animal species would recover quickly.”

He pointed out that the Pope and other religious leaders continue to condemn contraception while still teaching “the outdated and criminal ‘go forth and multiply doctrine’” that threatens the entire human race today.

”These pseudo-religious leaders should be tried for crimes against humanity,” Rael exclaimed, adding that the exploding human birth rate is killing millions and causing horrific suffering.

According to the United Nations, malnutrition affects 11 percent of the global population and over half a billion people lack access to a clean, protected source of water. Yet even in the few western nations that report a declining birthrate, politicians and their economic advisers have enacted financial incentives and government subsidies to boost natality.

“Crazy nationalism, racism and chauvinism are behind these stupid policies,” Rael said.

“It would be easy to replace the provisional ‘deficit’ of younger generations in the West by simply opening borders to hungry immigrants coming from developing nations. But nationalists want America to be populated only by Americans; Japan only by Japanese; Europe only by Europeans, and so on, while millions are starving in poorer countries.”

Scientists have warned that overpopulation threatens humanity’s survival and that measures need to be taken immediately to reduce it.

“If we don’t do it willingly, the natural order will do it through diseases and pandemics,” Rael said. The universe always keeps things balanced.”


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