Symbol of Infinity

Explanation of the Raelian Symbol

The Star of David represents infinity in SPACE. The extra-terrestrials who created humankind in laboratories have discovered that the infinitely large and the infinitely small are alike. For instance, every atom in our hand is composed of infinitely small particles that are similar to planets and galaxies. Conversely, galaxies are particles of a huge atom in a gigantic universe, and so on to infinity.

The Swastika in the center reminds us of the shape of our galaxy and represents infinity in TIME. Everything in the Universe – in the infinitely large as well as the infinitely small – is in constant transformation: matter has no beginning and no ending, EVERYTHING is CYCLICAL.

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.”

Swastika: Symbol of peace

The symbol of infinity is the emblem of the International Raelian Movement, founded by the last messenger of the Elohim – Rael. The Elohim are a race of extra-terrestrials who created humankind scientifically thanks to their perfect mastering of DNA about 25,000 years ago.


Swastika, the true meaning of Peace

The swastika symbol is one of the oldest symbols on Earth and can be found in all religions and traditions, on all continents!

                             World Swastika Gallery

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