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North American Raelian Happiness Academy With Rael : 27/03/10 – 04/04/10

The teachings of Rael, and the Guides he has trained, will allow you to discover how to reach the depths of your consciousness. The benefits you will derive from this will allow you to not only become happier but healthier as well. When people attend their first Awakening Seminar, they are often surprised to find that the atmosphere is so relaxed, and so much fun. You won’t be asked to buy anything, you won’t be asked to join anything, and you can come and go as you please. You will realize very quickly that the Raelian Movement only wishes to give something of value to all people who want to develop themselves and help to move our planet forward in peace, love, and consciousness. Even if you decide that you will never be Raelian, you will still learn things that will help you immensely in your personal life, and you will meet some of the most interesting and intelligent people you’ve ever encountered.

March 27 – April 4, 2010
Note that those of you traveling from Canada dont need to be concerned about your getting back in time for work, since Monday, April 5 will be off (its “Easter Monday”).

Suggested arrival date: Saturday, March 27 (registration day)

This year we have a very special event at the end of the seminar. One of Raelians’ four annual “holidays” is the first Sunday of April. These “holidays” are the only days of the year where one can have their cellular plan transmitted (aka: Raelian baptism). The 1st Sunday of April commemorates the creation of the first human created on earth by the Elohim. This year, that Sunday is April 4th, and is the day just after the Happiness Academy ends. So we will all be together for that special day – following an amazing week together. That Sunday will also be even more special for those people who, after reading the Messages given to humanity through Their Messenger, Rael, wish to officially recognize The Elohim as our Creators.

Alexis Park Hotel
375 East Harmon, Las Vegas, NV 89109
United States

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