Our Organization

The Raëlian organization is composed of two types of members: simple members; those who adhere to the tenets of the Raëlian philosophy, and  active or structure members; volunteer members who are proactive and who take part in actions and events aimed at promoting the philosophy and supporting its ideologies. The main purpose of these actions and events is to work as a team to accomplish the Raëlian Movement’s two-fold mission:

  1. Spread the Message of the Elohim (see the Intelligent Design PDF book (free download)).
  2. Build the Elohim’s Embassy on Earth according to the specifications described in the Message.

The Raelian Movement is a non-profit organization completely funded by all its members who share the same common goals. All members, without exception, volunteer their time, which means that funds are used for actions that will support the Movement’s mission, activities and gatherings.

The structure itself is such that members are given a different level of responsibility. The Guide of Guides, for instance, is nominated as the head of the organization every seven years through elections among Bishops. Raël has held this position from the Movement’s inception to this day.

Guides (bishops and priests) oversee the Movement’s activities while ensuring the good functioning of our philosophy and being available for the members. Guides also teach meditation.

In the Raelian Movement, there is no discrimination as it relates to gender or sexual orientation, This means that anyone can be elected as a guide.

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